Challenges of raising a disabled child

Recently in I became pregnant and had seizures all through my prengnancy so much so that I had my son prematurely at seven months I was exactly thirty weeks pregnancy.

Challenges of raising a disabled child

What do I mean by that? It means you are going to need a completely new perspective when it comes to parenting your grandchildren than when you were parenting your own children. You really never thought about it much. Now, no matter how much time you give to parenting, the children know their "real mom" is out there someplace.

No matter their experiences with their "real mom," you are going to be compared as they get older. Your K might be spent on lawyers to perhaps get custody away from the state or even your own child a horrible thought.

When your children were sick, you simply took them to the doctor. You probably never had to prove you had legal rights to take your own children to the doctor or put them in school.

Challenges of raising a disabled child

Then there is the legal issues of adopting should you choose to go that route. If your own children were your birth children, you never had to consider adopting them to keep them safe. So now rather than just dealing with the cold you got every fall when the kids went back to school, you are possibly dealing with arthritis, high blood pressure, menopause, and so many more unpleasant "older persons" health issues.

Even if the children have Medicaid, it may not pay for the braces your teen needs.

An interview with child psychologist Stephanie Meyer, PhD. I was planting some tomato seedlings in the garden one day when our neighbor’s four year-old appeared next to me, calmly sat down, and proceeded to tell me with botanist-like detail all about photosynthesis and the life cycles of plants. Learn more about BMI for children and teens» Challenges Facing People with Disabilities. People with disabilities can find it more difficult to eat healthy, control their weight, and be physically active. Every day, we face challenges that test our resilience. You may face challenges at work or in your personal relation-ships. You may face the challenge of raising young children.

Your teen grandchild either lives with crooked teeth or you dip into whatever savings you have or should have. So why do we take on the responsibility of raising grandchildren? We love these children, even with all of the challenges.

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Just remember you need to put on new glasses to get a new perspective. Karen Wright, a grandmother raising two teenage granddaughters October 10, Permalink Comments 4 Tags: You must have a FB account to join.

There is a group for everyone.A special-needs trust can take some worry out of raising your disabled child, as it helps ensure that he or she will continue to qualify for government assistance programs.(ISTOCKPHOTO/HEALTH.

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Parenting a sensitive child poses unique challenges with discipline. Here are strategies for nurturing and guiding a child who feels deeply. Every day, we face challenges that test our resilience.

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You may face challenges at work or in your personal relation-ships. You may face the challenge of raising young children.

Challenges of raising a disabled child

If your child has ADHD, you know that standard parenting strategies don't always work. Here, learn about ADD-tested discipline, positive parenting techniques, and more.

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