Communication climates responses and dynamics

Greater emphasis on verbal communication More likely to miss non verbal cues Americans tend to be low context communicators 27 Low context people can verbally dominate the conversation and not read the non verbal cues from high context people in the group.

Communication climates responses and dynamics

Communication climates responses and dynamics

This is when public perceptions of the opinion climate begin to shift. As the opinion gains momentum by the majority, the minority continues to be threatened and falls deeper into their silence. It continues until the minority no longer speaks out against it, and the opinion of the perceived majority ultimately becomes a social norm.

The end of the spiral refers to the number of people who are not publicly expressing their opinions, due to the fear of isolation. An individual is more likely to go down the spiral if his or her opinion does not conform with the perceived majority opinion.

We can distinguish between fields where the opinions and attitudes involved are static, and fields where those opinions and attitudes are subject to changes Where opinions are relatively definite and static — for example, "customs" — one has to express or act according to this opinion in public or run the risk of becoming isolated.

In contrast, where Communication climates responses and dynamics are in flux, or disputed, the individual will try to find out which opinion he can express without becoming isolated. Individuals who, when observing their environments, notice that their own personal opinion is spreading and is taken over by others, will voice this opinion self-confidently in public.

On the other hand, individuals who notice that their own opinions are losing ground will be inclined to adopt a more reserved attitude when expressing their opinions in public.

It follows from this that, as the representatives of the first opinion talk quite a lot while the representatives of the second opinion remain silent, there is a definite influence on the environment: The result is a spiral process which prompts other individuals to perceive the changes in opinion and follow suit, until one opinion has become established as the prevailing attitude while the other opinion will be pushed back and rejected by everybody with the exception of the hard core that nevertheless sticks to that opinion.

Communication climates responses and dynamics

The tendency of the one to speak up and the other to be silent starts off a spiraling process which increasingly establishes one opinion as the dominant one.

Over time, these changing perceptions establish one opinion as predominant one and they change from the liquid state to a solid norm. The use of " public " and "the public" betrays multiple competing meanings. One meaning is the legal sense of public that focuses on openness. For example, a public place or path.

A second meaning for the term emphasizes public rights. Lastly, within the phrase public opinion, public is said to have a related but different definition. Public, in this sense, could be characterized as social psychology. Scholars have marveled in amazement at the power public opinion has in making regulations, norms, and moral rules triumph over the individual self without ever troubling legislators, governments or courts for assistance.

Agreement and a sense of the common is what lay behind the English and French "opinion. In Plato's Republic, a quote from Socrates conclude that opinion takes the middle position.

Immanuel Kant considered opinion to be an "insufficient judgement, subjectively as well as objectively. The definition of public opinion has been debated over time.

COMM Communication Climates, Responses, and Dynamics

There has not been much progress in locking in one classification of the phrase public opinion. Hermann Onckena German historian, stated Whoever desires to grasp and define the concept of public opinion will recognize quickly that he is dealing with a Proteusa being that appears simultaneously in a thousand guises, both visible and as a phantom, impotent and surprisingly efficacious, which presents itself in innumerable transformations and is forever slipping through our fingers just as we believe we have a firm grip on it That which floats and flows cannot be understood by being locked up in a formulaThe diverse nature of internal and external threats and fishery attributes in inland fisheries indicates that the development of long-term solutions to governance issues will require interaction.

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