Competency goal 1 cda safe health learning environment

This program was created in response to new educational mandates, as well as the need for early childhood professionals to master the knowledge and skills needed to create effective learning environments for children. The program prepares students to communicate effectively, learn and use new technology, think critically and creatively, and demonstrate cultural awareness.

Competency goal 1 cda safe health learning environment

One of the easiest ways to develop and preserve a safe and healthy environment for children is to abide by state licensing standards.

These licensing standards are there to ensure that child care environments are safe and healthy for young children. Not only is the physical environment included in licensing, but teacher qualifications and the quality of educational programs are also included and equally important. Teachers also need to be educated on the different developmental stages of children to be able to eliminate any potential safety hazards.

A safe environment provides children with the ability to explore and learn through play. A child care facility should take building security very seriously. Our building have a keypad installed for parents and employers to enter an exit the building.

This is effective in controlling unauthorized entrance of strangers or unwelcome visitors. Surveillance cameras are also installed to monitor who is either entering or exiting the building.

Bathroom toilets and sinks are accessible to children by providing child-sized hardware or stepping stools. A separate restroom area sis provided for the adult staff members. Hands must be washed, with antibacterial liquid soap, before and after eating, after using the bathroom, and after playing outdoors.

Hand washing improves sanitation and limits the spread of germs. The entire facility, including each classroom, is cleaned on a daily basis. I wipe down and sanitize each toy that was used during the day, sweep the floors, and make sure the bathrooms are stocked with toilet paper and are sanitary.

I sanitize table tops and infant changing surfaces after each use. Each child is provided their own individual storage space for their belongings, primarily to control the spread of infectious illnesses.

Competency goal 1 cda safe health learning environment

The outdoor play areas of a child development center are just as important as the indoor play areas. Children need active outdoor physical activity for a healthy body and mind. On the other hand, physical activity puts the children at a higher risk of injury, so safety is a major factor in the design of an outdoor play area.

Our center offers three separate play areas: It is important that licensing standards, such as the placement of equipment, safety and stability of outdoor play equipment, and use of protective materials, are carefully followed to ensure the safety of the children.

I regularly inspect the outdoor play area that I am stationed in for harmful things, such as equipment with broken pieces and jagged or sharp edges.Cda Competency 1 To establish and maintain a safe, healthy learning environment I model safety practices and healthy routines in an environment that supports development and growth in these areas.

To accomplish this goal I complete daily safety checklists that include. 【 Cda Competency 1 Essay 】 from best writers of Artscolumbia Largest assortment of free essays Find what you need here!


To establish and maintain a safe, healthy learning environment I model safety practices and healthy routines in an environment that supports development and growth in these areas. To accomplish this goal I complete. Competency Goal 1 - Safety Description: To Establish and maintain a safe, healthy learning environment Functional Areas: Safe, Healthy, Learning Environment Connections: Licensing, Michigan DOE .

The six competency goals demonstrated by CDA's are: 1) establishing and maintaining a safe healthy learning environment; 2) advancing physical and intellectual competence; 3) supporting social and emotional development and providing positive guidance and discipline; 4) establishing positive and productive relationships with families; 5.

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Competency Goal 1 Functional Area 1: Safe It is important to maintain a safe environment for students inside and outside of the classroom.

My goal is to make sure that the children understand what being safe is. I make sure that they know how to play safe. All of the toys and the materials that the children use are safe. Competency Goal 1. To establish and maintain a safe, healthy, learning environment.

Function Area 1: Safe One of my goals in the functional area of safe is to eliminate as much possibility of injury as possible. This goal is a very important one, because it is applies to all children no matter the age.

Competency Statement 1 by Aimee Smith.

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