Mao study guide

Are callous unemotional traits all in the eyes? Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry, 52 3 Moral judgment and psychopathy.

Mao study guide

How to Write a Summary of an Article? Mao rose in status to provincial party leader soon afterward IV. Chiang began killing off the CCP. Chiang was very violent and killed many of his political opponents in the cities. This would last until the end of WWII in A truce was called between the Nationalists and CCP b.

The Nationalists did the brunt of the fighting against the Japanese c. On their return, the party would then learn what measures would appeal and adapt to their own policies which would be presented to the people e.

All types of torture were used 1. Thought examination you were forced to write down thoughts against the Communist ideology and accuse others of the same f. Many troops did not have strong ties to the Nationalists because they were former warlord troops b.

They were not helped to integrate into society, so they joined the CCP c. Eliminated political parties and churches II. Land was seized from landlords and many were executed III. Hundred Flowers Campaign was sneaky way to seek out political opponents by allowing them temporarily to speak out.

Cultural Revolution called for students called Red Guards to safeguard Mao by getting rid of art, teachers, members of the CCP, or anything counter to the revolution VI. Laogoi were forced labor camps VII. Used speeches, propaganda posters, media, poets, film, etc.

The country was not unified and had many provinces run by warlords, who were people not subservient to the government III.

Previous governments were unstable and corrupt — the Manchu Dynasty had recently fallen —Yuan Shikai a military general ran the country for the next four years —the warlord era was a period of chaos and great disunity — IV. There were many economic problems: Large disparity between rich and poor d.

Few owned land V. Chiang was totalitarian and used violence to suppress political opponents; his government was also corrupt and took money from the peasants Successes I. Used the Yenan Terror to instill the ideology, brainwash and instill fear in his followers.

Mao study guide

All were loyal to Mao after the terror V. Yenan Terror was also used to brainwash people into thinking that Chiang was the enemy so that Mao would garner more support VI. Ousted all political parties so that his CCP was the only one X. Churches were closed; Christianity, Buddhism, and Confucianism were denounced — this allowed less potential sources of opposition XI.

Marriage Law gave more rights to women, such as the right to own property, no more foot binding, and consensual marriage XII. Ousted foreigners, so he got rid of all possible spheres of influence and any semblance of outside control XV.My Dashboard; Pages; COM: "Mao's Last Dancer" - Study Guide; Home; Assignments; Pages; Files; Quizzes; Collaborations; Office ; Google Drive.

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