Perseverene is key to success

Saturday, 21 September Perseverance is the key to success What does Perseverance mean?

Perseverene is key to success

Perseverene is key to success thought it was the right thing to do. Curious about working with women in developing nations, it was a great fit for my business and me. In hindsight looking back on these original motivators, I feel shallow and self-serving. Two years on, I have been privileged to work with two talented and resourceful women, one in Israel, the other in India.

Each woman is in a very different field from each other and me. Yet I have learned so much from them both — our interactions shaping how I think about my business, my life and myself.

Working with people to enable positive change is something I am very familiar with. I have been an executive and business coach for the last 12 years, operating in two distinct areas: I call them corporate crossovers.

Yet, when I feel called upon to reach past my inner fears and engrained thinking, I think of my two mentees who have demonstrated great courage in the face of real danger, and flexibility in the face of a financial difficulty. My first ever online meeting with Mika was during a bombing of her area.

Picking up her Skype call, I asked her if she wanted to delay our meeting so she could go to safety. Growing up in rural New Zealand, and living in London for much of my adult life, I had never experienced this type of threat. We had our call.

Even with danger being so close, Mika was engaged, proactive and eager for knowledge to grow her innovative textiles business. Even now, two years later, as I work on launching my book and stretching way past my comfort zone to ask for endorsements and support, I often think of Mika and her courage, and berate myself.

We give them so much power, when in fact they are figments of our imagination. Mika was not in such a fortunate position; there was no imagining of the bombs, yet she continued tenaciously. When I asked them what was stopping them from leaving and starting up, there was one key theme: Fear of not being a success, fear of not having the right skills, fear of not making enough money.

When these fears are left untended they can grow and be seen to be a truth, not just a group of unproven thoughts. We can allow fear to be debilitating. We hold ourselves and our potential back, allowing our fear to thwart us. The fears that prevent women from crossing over and starting their business feel real, and I acknowledge, are valid.

Yet, with a little work and clear thinking, they can be broken apart and each aspect objectively examined. So, when you next have a fear that plagues your mind, and you feel it becoming a truth.

Stop and remember Mika. Her threat was real and close, and life threatening. Our fears are in our thoughts, and with closer examining, we can dissect and find the required answers to make them dissipate.

We can find the right path of action. Now, when asked, of why I applied to be a Cherie Blair Foundation for Women mentor, my answer is much more considered, deeper.

I know I want to contribute, and I know I love to enable women to grow their businesses.Mar 30,  · Gina Gil-Lacuna shares her experiences about the success of her business. Subscribe to the ABSCBNNews channel! - Visit . The best predictor of success, the researchers found, was the prospective cadets' ratings on a noncognitive, nonphysical trait known as "grit" — defined as "perseverance and passion for long.

Perseverene is key to success

Perseverance is the Key to success. It is commitment, patience, endurance and hard work. Every field requires dedication and perseverance. Heroes are a breed apart. They defy the paradigm. They. failure is the stepping stone to success.

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Expansion of ideas - perseverance is a key to success - Perseverance means persistence in doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving a goal or success.4/4(1).

35 Quotes About Perseverance and Never Giving Up. I don't know the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to please everybodyBill Cosby (), comedian and actor.

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