Scope delimitation research paper

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Scope delimitation research paper

Ignorance Accessibility to hospitals Carelessness by the obstetricians. Maternal mortality rate is influenced by the above factors in Abakaliki local government area that necessitated this study. Delimitation of the Study This research study is limited to only Nurses, obstetricians, Gynaecologists and pregnant mothers in Abakaliki urban in Ebonyi State.

The researcher will not promise to research in all its ramifications, factors responsible for high infant and maternal mortality rate as a whole but will be restricted. Limitation of the Study In the course of carrying out this research work.

Significance of the Study This research study is significant for many reasons. It provides information on the factors responsible for high infant and maternal mortality rate in Abakaliki urban in EBonyi State. A doctor is a person who has been trained in medical science, whose job it is to treats people who are ill or injured.

Maternal death occurring more than 42 days after pregnancy or childbirth are no longer included in the figure, this is in line with the international definition of maternal death, which states that maternal death is the one occurring during pregnancy or labour or as a consequence of pregnancy within 42days after delivery or abortion.

The international classification of diseases, injuries and caused of death ICD, defined a maternal death as the death of a woman within 42 days of termination of pregnancy, irrespective of the duration and site of the pregnancy, from any cause related to or aggravated by the pregnancy or its management but not from accidental or incidental causes.

This definition is in accordance with the definition adapted by the international federation of Gynaecology and obstetrics.

Child bearing kills so many women in the developing world of which Nigeria is one. In many developing countries, complication of pregnancy and childbirth are leading causes of death among women of reproductive age.

According to WHO more than one women died every minutes from such cause, andwomen die every year from the causes, less than one percent of thee deaths occur in developed countries demonstrating that they could be avoided in developing countries, Nigeria, if resources and services are available. Davies stated that maternal mortality is a measure of the risk to the mother connected with childbirth.

Maternal deaths are only counted if they are directly related to pregnancy. Or example, death from renal failure, which had commenced with a severe toxaemia of pregnancy and pyeblonephritis, would be counted as a maternal death even if the woman died years later.

However, deaths from completely unrelated cause, such as road accident, medical or surgical emergency, would not be counted as maternal death even if it took place during pregnancy.

Thus maternal deaths due to associated cause are recorded where death I due to a disease e. It is well known Benneth and Brown, in the medical profession that cardiac disease may be aggravated by pregnancy.

Neonatal death death of infants within the first 28 days of life in Nigeria is 48 per live birth NDHS, and almost half of infant death per annum results from poor maternal health and poor care at time of delivery compass project: According to the National Demographic health surveythe highest neonatal rates were recorded in the North-East and North-West zones while the lowest rates 34 per were seen in the South-East zone.

Most of these deaths occur in the first week of life and it is a reflection of the link with quality of maternal care FMDH, One million of these children die before the age of five 5. Available data indicate that 59, women die yearly as a result of complications in child birth WHO, A Nigeria woman is times more likely to die in childbirth than European counterpart.

Mortality ratio is aboutperlive births NDHS, with marked variation between geo-political zones- in South west compares with in the North-east and between urban and rural area NPC, and the second number of absolute maternal deaths, only outranked by India in the world NARHS, More disturbing is the SOGON study that revealed a maternal mortality of 3, in Lagos state in Enugu, in Cross River state, in Pleateau state, in Borno state and in Kano state indicating very serious health system failure.

Thus for all human development indictor, maternal mortality ratios show the greatest disparity between developed and developing countries. These deaths are largely preventable. Equally of concern is that yearly, about 1,, Nigerian women and girls will suffer disabilities caused by complication during pregnancy and child birth Hill, world law, For every one that dies more suffer long term and short term disabilities such as chronic anawmia maternal exhaustion or physical weakness vesico-vaginal or Rector-vaginal fistula, stress incontinence, chronic pelvic pain, PID infertility Ectopic pregnancy and Emotional Depression.

Child survival is equally affected too as the chances of survival of a child in the absence of his or her mother is greatly reduced.

In Nigeria,infant die annually during delivery and shortly after delivery especially if the mother dies in child birth. These deaths are not unconnected with the poor maternal death services in the country and could be avoided through provision of quality and effective maternal and child health service.

Causes and risk factors of infant and maternal mortality The cause of maternal mortality is an outcome of nexus interaction of a variety of factors namely-the distant factors socio-economic, cultural which act through the proximate or intermediate factors health and reproductive behavior, access to health services and in turn influence outcome pregnancy complication mortality.

Campbell and Graham This follows other models which have their basis on the premise that social and economic determinants of mortality operate through a common set of biological mechanism and proximate, determinants to exert an impact on mortality Campbell and Graham, Scope and Delimitation The research paper “the impact of the school rules and regulations to the discipline of High School students is delimited to High school student of .

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Scope delimitation research paper

Aysem Diker Vanberg and Mehmet Bilal Ünver. Cite as Diker Vanberg, A. &, Ünver, MB., "The right to data portability in the GDPR and EU competition law: odd couple or dynamic duo?", in European Journal of Law and Technology, Vol 8, No 1, Sample Scope and Delimitations The main focus of this project was the design of an efficient Energy Recovery System of Seawater Reverse Osmosis Plant.

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