Social studies introducing students to primary

Greenwillow Books, Chesanow, Neil. Where Do I Live? A Life Like Mine.

Social studies introducing students to primary

This unit focuses on the classical civilizations, Greece and Rome. Students will then discover the geography of Greece and analyze its impact on the development of their political and social structures by studying the Minoans, Mycenaeans, Athenians and Spartans.

To transition to Rome, the students will investigate the cultural diffusion of Greece in order to explain the establishment of the Roman Republic and Empire.

Next, students discover the Social studies introducing students to primary structures and culture of Rome. The culminating assessment has students creating a travel blog that takes travelers around the world to sites influenced by the Greeks and Romans.

This unit focuses on the Medieval to Renaissance era. It begins with the students analyzing the need for protection after the fall of the Roman Empire.

This includes the students examining the feudal structure and the power of the Church.

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Then, students will examine the cultural rivals of Christian Europe and Islam, which will lead students to exploring the Crusades. After exploring the Crusades, students will analyze the major societal and political changes that occurred, which led to the decline of feudalism and a change in thinking throughout Europe.

Finally, students will take a look at how the Renaissance and Scientific Revolution were examples of these changes in thinking. The unit will culminate into a performance assessment which has students creating a newspaper that highlights the significant changes that occurred during this time period.

How Much Is that Colony in the Window? The focus of this unit is the economics, technologies and innovations from the Middle Ages through the colonial era. Students explore the allocation, access, availability, and distribution of scarce resources, how new technologies changed the way people worked, communicated, and competed for the scarce resources.

The unit culminates in a G7 Summit where students work in teams to develop a Memorandum of Understanding addressing global economic concerns.

The focus of this unit is the continent of Africa. The time frame encompassed in this unit is Ancient Kingdoms e. One of the Certain Things in Life This unit begins by connecting supply and demand to consumer choices.

Then it continues into why and how citizens pay taxes and the types of taxes they pay as well as what personal finance responsibilities citizens have. Finally, students will have an opportunity to apply their knowledge of income and taxes with a simulated tax paying experience.

The unit culminates with students writing a dialogue between a tax preparation professional and a new taxpayer.

Social studies introducing students to primary

Students will focus on material cultural artifacts as the physical evidence of the human experience. In addition, students will be introduced to how archaeologists and historians assess and evaluate primary and secondary sources to learn more about the lives of people in the past.

This unit focuses on the early civilizations in the Americas, including the Maya, Inca, Aztec and Inuit. The unit culminates with students creating a website illustrating an analysis of artifacts found at an archaeological site and the significance of those artifacts.

This unit addresses the European explorations of the Americas and the interactions between the Old World and New, with a particular focus on the outcomes of those interactions. Students will study the various aspects of those outcomes and how they affected indigenous peoples in the Americas.

Additionally, the unit addresses the impact of exploration on the global economy e. This unit begins with students revisiting their prior knowledge of colonial rule in North America. Students will be reviewing the political, economic, and social structures that existed in the 13 colonies.

They will also be introduced to colonial rule in Canada.

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Using their knowledge of colonial rule in North America, they will explore colonial rule in Latin America and discover the significant differences of Spanish colonial rule as compared to British and French colonial rule. Next, students will investigate the various ways in which colonized peoples reacted to the oppressive colonial policies.

The unit culminates with the creation of a documentary focusing on one of the major revolutions in the Americas. This unit focuses on economic decision making and cost benefit analyses at the personal, national and global level. The unit begins with a focus on basic concepts of economics such as needs, wants, supply, demand and economic systems.Helps to Enhance the Social Understanding Of Students: Different topics included in the Social Studies curriculum for various age groups like – Festivals of India, Different types of Families, Clothes We Wear, Food We Eat, Our Country, States of India, My Community, Socio-Religious Reforms, Challenging the Caste System – help students to observe, learn and understand human behaviour, values and .

The website has links to tons of primary sources where students a can read accounts of people during specific historical events to see that experiences were not the same for everyone.

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Huge reservoir of social studies teaching resources geared toward upper elementary and mid level, tons of free Powerpoints, lessons, games. Read Across. Understand how social studies develops civic competence for the benefit of both the individual and society; Advocate for social studies teaching and learning in grades from pre-K through 12; Assess the quality of social studies education in local school districts; and Assess children’s development as .

Social studies introducing students to primary

Primary Sources; GLCE/HSCE Standards and Common Core Standards; History Day; Students then investigate common characteristics of a community including location, physical characteristics, history, government, people, and businesses.

This lesson serves as a foundational lesson to connect the context of first grade social studies . allow students to work more productively than in the past, but the teacher’s role in technology is more Challenges Faced by Schools when Introducing Table 2: Schools offering computer studies and curriculum Region Rural schools Urban schools curriculum Hhohho 21 17 IGCSE Lubombo 23 8 Manzini 27 Question: Justify the inclusion of social studies in the Primary School curriculum Date: 6 March Social studies as defined by the American National Council for social studies () is “the integrated study of the social sciences and humanities to .

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