The truth on having children essay

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The truth on having children essay

Paying People to Get Sterilized: A Hypothetical Proposal Posted on by dmackler58 I have a hypothetical idea to help combat the problem of overpopulation: We already sterilize overpopulated dogs and cats—and consider this to be humane and for the greater good.

However, with cats and dogs we do not consider the issue of consent, which we must consider with people. That is why I propose offering people money to get sterilized—because it gives them choice in the matter. The decision then becomes voluntary. Meanwhile, our Western society presently does the opposite of my proposal: This happens in some non-Western societies too, and for the same reason: This is considered normal.

Society and the family reward parents. But what would actually happen if governments, or even private foundations, took my hypothetical proposal seriously? I imagine there would be a fair number of people who would jump at the opportunity immediately.

To that end, there already is a program in the UK, called Project Preventionthat pays drug addicts a nominal, flat fee to take long-term birth control or get sterilized.

Their motivation, however, is largely different from that of this proposal, though their work does shine a light on one unfair aspect of paying people a flat fee: Of course, one could argue that people in more financial distress would be less appropriate parents anyway, though I see that as a separate issue.

One way to help neutralize unfair sides of the problem might be to make the financial incentive income-dependent. For example, perhaps people who voluntarily got sterilized would no longer have to pay taxes. Or, if people were to be paid an immediate lump sum for sterilization, they could be paid an amount relative to their income.

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I could conceive of other benefits as well. For instance, presently American military veterans receive many benefits—housing and educational opportunities, medical care opportunities, priority airline boarding, free burial services, reduced costs for many other services, etc.

What if voluntarily sterilized people received these benefits, and more? In short, hold these sterilized folks up as examples of model citizens—people making a personal sacrifice for the good of the world.

The truth on having children essay

Meanwhile, this proposal would entail other problems. Would that be fair? Or what about people who were beyond reproductive age? Or people who were already considered infertile?

Should these people be excluded from receiving sterilization benefits?[Written in This essay, perhaps the most controversial on this site, appeared on the original version of in I’ve gotten more emails, some of them quite angry or even hateful and threatening, regarding this essay than any other thing I’ve written.

Sojourner Truth was born a slave named Isabella Baumfree sometime in in Ulster county, New York. The exact date of her birth is to this day unknown, but it is .

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also written novels and children’s books and continues to write articles for a Finding Truth in Comedy. Learning Targets • Collaborate to analyze a humorous essay in a Socratic Seminar. • Reread the essay to answer these text-dependent questions. In his play, Only Drunks and Children Tell the Truth, Drew Hayden Taylor manifests how Janice’s life is greatly impacted by the scoop-up leading to the loss of culture, identity crisis, .

Sojourner Truth, an abolitionist and advocate for rights for women, was born as an enslaved person and named Isabella Baumfree. She endured slavery in New York from to when she was emancipated based on the law gradually ending slavery in New York.

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